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Blandy's Wine Lodge

The Wine Lodge was bought by John Blandy in the mid-19th century and not only was it an extremely valuable property, but was also very useful due to the fact that it was directly connected to the family’s town house.

Each of the Wine Lodge’s ageing rooms have their own character and due to the differing temperatures and humidity, the wines all have differing ageing profiles based on their location. The eastern warehouse holds wine dating back to 1920 and the family’s private vintage collection is held within thick stone walls, below the ground floor. The museum holds artefacts which include letters from Sir. Winston Churchill, coins from Blandy’s bank and the island’s oldest wooden lagar, dating back to the 17th century.

Murals from the renowned German artist, Max Römer, illustrate the traditional Madeiran harvest in the main tasting room where a wide range of the company’s wines are kept. The Vintage room is the cathedral of Blandy’s rarest and oldest Madeira wines, where wines dating from the beginning of the 20th century can be tasted, such as Blandy’s Bual 1920.

Today the Blandy’s Wine Lodge is the heart of the family’s wine business where over 650 barrels and vats are stored, ageing the finest of the family’s wines in the traditional canteiro method.

An amazing place that gives a very informative insight into the Madeira wine trade and its history. Worth every penny.

Chris Szabo

Interesting tour of the lodge with friendly tour guide. Tour of the barrels and includes a taster at the end. Worth a visit and the Madeira wine is delicious.

Elinor Meredith

Fantastic experience, but recommend doing the “vintage” tour. Knowledgeable guides, able to answer every question about Madeira wine making. Set in the original, Blandy’s winery, the whole place is imbued with history and the sweet, oaky smell that pervades every room is just devine.

Mark Newbery

Very informative tour where you can feel the history in this ancient place. Wine tasting and expert guides are excellent. Good gift shop and restaurant.

Kerry Green

Great tour, fascinating building and history and very knowledgeable guides and store staff. All sorts of lovely gifts and a complete vintage library to buy.

John Callow